About Us


We at Srest Organics believe in a better environment, be it the place where we live in or the place where we work. On the onset it was decided that the company will take to the mass india's first 100% biodegradable plastic for use in carry bag , garbage bag and shopping bags at a very affordable price.


We understand that as an individual as also as a responsible corporate citizen, it is a responsibility to promote and actively persuade business activities that generate values for the society and for the nation.


Organics Our future endeavors will be guided by the philosophy of sharing better technologies which can be adopted for the mass creating value, vision and volumes. It is our corporate vision for our investor fraternity to deliver value and garner gains in terms of investments. Our human policy is guided by the thought that unless the results of the research reaches the mass at an affordable module then the research activity is not best served. Our research endeavor will attempt in the next phase water soluble plastic module. And later Natural Fertilizers.